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The Pro Label Family has added another addition, we'd like to introduce our new P7 Performance Series Mark Andy, the capabilities are endless and the Press Operators couldn't be happier!

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Sonoco recognizes Pro Label, Inc. at the 2017 Sonoco Annual Business Conference

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Pro Label, Inc. recently added 2 brand new Mark Andy P7 printing presses.  This Performance Series press not only increases output volume but features state of the art quality monitoring features.  Check it out

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Pro Label, Inc. is excited to introduce a new phase of our previous Wellness Program for all employees. 

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Our new press hard at work!

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Pro Label, Inc. takes Sustainability seriously, it is a mission of ours to reduce our overall environmental impact and assure resources are available for generations to come.  In an move to improve our overall sustainable practices we’ve started a facility wide re-lamping project.  We started the project on March 21st, 2018 with a scheduled end date in May.  We will be replacing every light in the facility with high efficiency LED lighting.  This project will eliminate all fluorescent lights as well as eliminate the need to replace ballasts.  The money saved strictly from energy consumption will pay for the project in just one years’ time, that doesn’t even include the cost of replacement bulbs and ballasts!  The longevity of the individual bulb is expected to be 10 times that of our current fluorescent lighting, leading to a drastic cost reduction for replacement bulbs.  We will also be recycling all of the old lighting systems from the bulbs to the ballasts, eliminating the need to send any parts to the landfill. 

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Pro Label, Inc. has recently teamed up with Convergen Energy of Green Bay a leader in renewable fuels in an effort to achieve our 98% of facility wide waste recycled goal.  We’ve also partnered with Heritage Crystal Clean to have our liquid waste recycled and converted into fuel for papermills in our area.  We’ve been looking for a renewable outlet for our liquid waste for quite some time and were excited to find an alternative to incineration.  It is our ultimate goal to achieve 99% of all waste recycled and that goal is now well within reach.  Here is a brief list of everything we currently recycle: corrugate, production waste, paper, inks, solvents, foil backed stock, paperboard, all electronics, metal, motors etc.  We are very excited that we have been able to achieve what we have so far and are always looking to continuously improve our sustainability efforts. 

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In January, 2018 an overwhelming amount of employees teamed up and made cash donations for a fellow employee and their family who are going through a tough time. 

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Changes in industry can lead to changes in substrate for labeling, check out this white paper download from a supplier of ours related to the increase of plastic parts from manufacturers. Read more about this here:

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It seems like everywhere I turn I see someone with a Pop Socket® on their phone.  If you are not familiar with the Pop Socket® craze check out for more information.  Are you a specialty or novelty vendor looking for something different?  Pro Label, Inc. may have a solution for you, introducing our new sticker line sure to make that phone gadget stand out!

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Pro Label Inc. has been providing solutions for personal care and health care labels to contract packagers and manufacturers of health and beauty since its founding in 1992.  Everything from lip balm extended content labels to product labels with lot code data is produced in Appleton, Wisconsin by Pro Label Inc.  Nutraceuticals are a constant growing industry and Pro Label, Inc. can provide you with all your supplemental labeling needs.  Contact us for more details.

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Introducing the ultra-removable single ply Pro Note, it can be used for promotional purposes on any type of advertisement.  The proprietary adhesive backing will not remove the fibers from any substrate regardless of thickness.  This exciting new product was developed as a complement to our existing clean-release product line.  The Pro-Note combined with our variable data capabilities is ideal for Every-Door Mailers such as department store catalogs and other promotional materials.  The ultra-thin, single ply, ultra-removable design gives us a competitive advantage in the marketing industry.  Contact us today to learn more.

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IRC’s (Instant Redeemable Coupons) are a specialty of Pro Label, Inc.  We have the capability to meet any of your IRC needs.  Variable data, scratch off, expandable coupons, clean-release and any other promotional product you can think of.  If you want high quality IRC’s at a competitive price, Pro Label, Inc. should be the first name that comes to mind.  Contact us today to learn more.

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Variable Data is our game at Pro Label, Inc.  Our capabilities are endless, contact us now to find out more.  Our R&D team is ready to find a solution that fits your needs at a competitive price.        

Friday 5 July 2013
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Wednesday, May 15th, 5 Pro Label employees and our in-house Actega Ink Rep, Brad, gathered for the first highway clean up of the 2013 season! Employee’s met at a central location and split in to two teams. One heading west to French Road (The “Guys”: Pat McGuire, Andy Dekeyser and Brad Schwirtz) and the other (The “Gals”: Shawn.

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16 Pro Label employees are the lucky winners of 5 day passes to Country USA 2013. Pat McGuire, Linda Boschuetz, Adam Guerts, Dustin Lex, Alex Guillan, Chad Boettcher, Jerad Burk, Eric Tennessen, Jason Allmers, Greg Hoffman, Jon Podvin, Jackie Schneider, Tyler Van Den Eng, Lucas Walton, Gary Weigt and Jennifer Dekeyser. Country USA, a country music festival, is...

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Pro Label has 4 Timber Rattler Season Tickets available, to employees, for the 2013 Season. Employees can find tickets, for upcoming games, posted on the company bulletin board. If an employee desires to attend a specific game they should see Sara Eiting, in Customer Service. Any unused tickets can be returned and then re-used as General Admission (lawn...

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18 teams participated in this year’s “weight maintenance” challenge, with two teams sharing top honors. Teams weighed in, as a group, on November 14, 2012 and weighed out, again, on January 3, 2013. Of the participating teams, 11 teams lost weight, 1 team succeeded in maintaining their weight and 6 teams… ate a few too many Christmas cookies! 1st...

Friday 12 October 2012
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Getting ready for Christmas at Pro Label Inc. is taken very seriously by some of the office staff.  Jennifer and Shawn are seen carefully decorating the tree which greets all passing through our doors....

Saturday 14 July 2012
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Pro label and Eagle Graphics hosted our second annual charity golf outing in July. We had a great turnout and raised money for The Fox Valley Brain Tumor Coalition. It was a great day except for a “small” amount of rain at the end of the round. The final numbers are not in yet, but we estimate around...