Tuesday 15 May 2018

Sustainability Improvement Project

Posted by at 10:15 AM

Pro Label, Inc. takes Sustainability seriously, it is a mission of ours to reduce our overall environmental impact and assure resources are available for generations to come.  In an move to improve our overall sustainable practices we’ve started a facility wide re-lamping project.  We started the project on March 21st, 2018 with a scheduled end date in May.  We will be replacing every light in the facility with high efficiency LED lighting.  This project will eliminate all fluorescent lights as well as eliminate the need to replace ballasts.  The money saved strictly from energy consumption will pay for the project in just one years’ time, that doesn’t even include the cost of replacement bulbs and ballasts!  The longevity of the individual bulb is expected to be 10 times that of our current fluorescent lighting, leading to a drastic cost reduction for replacement bulbs.  We will also be recycling all of the old lighting systems from the bulbs to the ballasts, eliminating the need to send any parts to the landfill.