Thursday 29 March 2012


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As part of Pro Label’s efforts to promote wellness in the workplace, a $200.00 reward was offered to employees who participated in Network Health’s 2012 “Wellness Pathways Program”. Both plan and non-plan employees, and their spouses were eligible to participate. In order to meet their goal and receive a reward, participants had to meet at least 5 of 7 “Wellness Criteria”, as set forth by Network Health.
Criteria Included:
– Annual Wellness Visit with doctor
– Complete WebMD Health Quotient Questionnaire
– Tobacco Status – Non-Smoker
– Blood Pressure – at or below 130/80
– Cholesterol – HDL > 40, LDL < 100 - Weight - Body Mass Index at or below 27 - Blood Sugar - Fasting Glucose < 100 In-house Health Risk Assessments were offered, at no charge, to all interested employees and their spouses. Our Congratulations go out to the 17 Pro Label employees and 3 spouses who successfully completed this challenge! Employees who qualified are: Scott Bain, Brian Berken, Linda Boschuetz, Jennifer DeKeyser, Sara Eiting, Shannon Gardner, Mandy Krueger, Rob Plath, Jon Podvin, BobbiJo Rusch, Jackie Schneider, Pete Stumpf, LuAnn Timm, Marty Vanden Heuvel, Mary Jo Vasecka, Lucas Walton and Bruce Winters.